Nutrition and Wellbeing Workshop

Lacking in energy? Not sure what to eat to lose weight sensibly and feel great?

Confused about what it takes to be ‘healthy’?

Here’s your chance to learn with a fun, inspiring and educational 4-week course to kick start your quest for a new ‘healthy me’.

At Hillingdon Women’s Centre starting Friday 8th June, 10:30 to 12:00 noon

  •  WEEK 1: What healthy means to you. Busting myths, uncovering true facts, weight loss, fitness, why macros nutrients are important.
  •  WEEK 2: Eating for Energy and why gut health is important.
  • WEEK 3: Healthy eating on a budget at home, out and about, food labelling.
  • WEEK 4: Ten steps to healthier lifestyle, how to start – including some mindset tips.

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