Brand new kitchen at HWC

The start of 2019 has been great for HWC. Before the end of 2018 we worked really hard to improve our offices and the results are amazing. We want to thank the Heathrow Community Fund’s Communities Together for their £2,500 grant. These funds enabled us to refresh our kitchen area and have made a big difference to make our Centre safer and more welcoming for all our service users, volunteers and staff members.

Heathrow Community Fund is making a huge difference through their grant programme and their support to improve the quality of life of communities in near the airport. Big thanks for their valuable support.

HWC engaging in the community

HWC Trustees Sandra Robins and Angela Waterford receive a cheque from students at the London Academy School in Egware

HWC attended the London Academy School along with several other charities to watch a presentation by students competing for a £1,000 prize in the First Give programme. We were grateful and delighted that the students representing Hillingdon Women’s Centre won the prize with their excellent presentation depicting the trauma of Domestic Abuse.